Bring The Drama!: My Graphic Design for Sabrina Mahfouz’s ‘Chef’


I’ve been working with amazingly talented Sabrina Mahfouz to produce promotional design work for her new show called ‘Chef’. Sabrina Mahfouz is a British Egyptian poet, playwright, performer and writer from South London, UK.


Sabrina Mahfouz, Poet, Performer and Playwrite


‘Chef tells the gripping story of how one woman went from being a haute cuisine Head Chef to a convicted inmate running a prison kitchen. Sabrina Mahfouz’s distinct award-winning lyrical style and Jade Anouka‘s mesmerising performance make this an extraordinary, must-see, new show’

Here is the finished product…

chef-a5-front-hi-res  chef-a5-back-hi-res

I’ve very much enjoyed cooking up this imagery that combines haute cuisine with art and copious amounts of drama as Im a bit of a boujy foodie person myself. I’ve just finished it and’Im really pleased with how this design turned out if I don’t mind saying so myself